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July 11, 2022

OmniLight Invocations 365

An old photo of Sathiya Dharuma Saalai (The Home of True Charity) in Vadalur, Tamilnadu, South India – It was opened by Ramalingam on May 23, 1867, and has fed the poor and hungry to this day.

Arutperunjothi Agaval: Couplet:116

மாய்ந்தவர் மீட்டும் வருநெறி தந்திதை

யாய்ந்திடென் றுரைத்த வருட்பெருஞ் ஜோதி!


The import of this couplet is that the OmniLight revealed (to Ramalingam) the way or method (Tamil: நெறி or Neri) of bringing the departed back to (new) life and exhorted that it must be investigated.

It is, in essence, the science of reincarnation and pertains to the process by which a departed soul returns to a new body and life.

The Arutperunjothi Agaval is Ramalingam’s magnum opus of spiritual enlightenment poetry composed in 798 couplets in 1872.