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November 28, 2022

OmniLight Invocations

Symbol of OmniLight in the சத்திய ஞான சபை (Sathiya Gnana Sabhai) or The Great Hall of Truth-Knowledgea place of special manifestation of OmniLight.

Arutperunjothi Agaval: Couplet 139:

பரைஒளி என்மனப் பதியினில் விரித்தே

அரசது இயற்றெனும் அருட்பெருஞ் ஜோதி !   

Commentary: The term “பரை”  (parai) refers to the state of the soul in which it has transcended all individual effort or striving and abides in surrender to divine will, power, and action. 

This couplet affirms that the liberating light-power of the OmniLight pervades the seat (பதி – padhi) of Ramalingam’s mind and executes its rule or governance.